RuneScape (RS3) vs Old School RuneScape (OSRS): Which Is Better?

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RuneScape (RS3) vs Old School RuneScape (OSRS): Which Is Better?

There is a new version of Old School RuneScape, which still appeals to a lot of RS players all over the world. It’s RuneScape 3 which was released in 2014 with added features like new customization options, better user-interface, and new camera controls.

Meanwhile, the older version which was released in 2007, called Old School RuneScape, is equipped with its original content, nostalgic gameplay, social networking, and more.

If given the choice to pick one of the two, which RuneScape version should you choose?

The argument is that OSRS is better for those who enjoy playing the older version of RuneScape. Those players who’ve mastered the early versions of the game and are contented to play the game how it was.

Meanwhile, for those who’ve played RS3 and enjoyed it, they liked the improved quality of life in the newer version and it automatically crafts every item that’s with you. It also has some added features that are only unique to the much newer version of RuneScape like Block Necklaces, Soul Split, and Legendary Pets.

You also have to consider the Player versus Environment of PVM that allows RuneScape players to use their skills and abilities to do more exciting and enjoyable boss encounters. It requires not only the best RuneScape items, but also careful planning and execution.

Players can navigate the fully detailed environment from a third-person perspective, work closely with each other, make their own organization in the game and go against their enemies to slay them and earn RuneScape Gold to unlock additional game content.

Overall, it highly depends on your preference and you could not go wrong on either game. One of the best thing about RuneScape is there are gold selling sites that will allow you to trade your OSRS gold to RS3 gold or vice versa. And this makes it a viable option to play both games, instead of choosing just one.